Feed a Little Kid, Show a Little Boob, Don’t Lose Your Shit: Nursing in Public

This is a topic that almost everyone is probably somewhat familiar with. It’s everywhere these days. This post comes to you in discussion format, as we feel it is one of the simplest and most effective ways to incorporate each of our viewpoints. Here are our opinions on nursing in public:


Harley: So you know all this breast feeding in public stuff… This could potentially be our first topic!

Lily: Oh I like it!

I get super angry over that!

Molly: I was just talking to T-Bear about that!

Lily: I was talking to my friend about that the other day too.

Harley: Well that’s settled.

So what’s your opinions on it?

Molly: Sounds good!

Lily: And how my SIL videod our wedding while breast feeding

And people lost there Shit about it

I think it makes her a Bad Ass Mom!




Molly: I think if your baby is hungry, feed them.

Lily: I think it’s natural and if a guy gets a boner over it he’s kind of a freak…

Molly: I don’t care if you cover or not…I think that’s at the discretion of the person feeding. I used to covert but now he pulls it off so I feed him in the car when I can… but I’m not going to run to the car every time he gets hungry…

Lily: It’s a boob. Get over it.

Harley: I feel that it’s perfectly fine to do it in public, but I personally feel that the courtesy of at least a burp cloth over the general area is appreciated. Solely because I wouldn’t feel comfortable showing that much actual breast tissue.

I agree with you Molly.

I feel it’s at the discretion of the feeder.

Molly: I prefer to cover as much as possible, but that’s just what makes me comfortable. I really couldn’t care less what anyone else does.

Babies gotta eat.

Harley: Exactly

Molly: I do the two shirt method.

Harley: What the hell is that?

Molly: Shirt comes up, tank comes down

Harley: Good method.

Lily: I think there are ways to be discreet about it. Like don’t just flop your boob around and show the world… But there’s ways to be discreet and still comfortable. Like my SIL wears a tank top under her shirts so it’s easy to get her boob out without pulling it completely out for the world to see

Molly: Shirt covers top, tank covers bottom, baby covers middle.

Lily: But if someone gets a glimpse big deal.

Yes like that!

Molly: I also build a sort of wall with a blanket if I can… Lol

Harley: You’re talented.

Molly: Lol

Lily: 3 kids and shes got it down lol

Harley: Werd

Molly: SassyG has breastfed her baby dolls a few times.

Harley: Breastfeeding yoda.

Molly: I was honestly quite proud.

Lily: Lol

Harley: Lol well whatever at least she’ll know.

Molly: She and Mase were fighting over the toy baby bottle the other day and I said, “You’re a girl, just feed her with your tummy like I do. You don’t need a bottle!”

Harley: Lol


We feel this is a good topic to start us off with because it really illustrates what we are about. We are modern women trying our best to thrive in the modern world. In order to thrive in today’s society, it is impossible to be closed minded. Acceptance is key. That’s what we are about.

Here is a great find on this topic by a favorite Mommy blogger, Mommy Shorts (Caution: Sarcasm ahead!)