About Us

We are a group of women learning how to survive – and thrive – in our 20s.



Harley – Hi, I’m Harley. The only girl in a family of 7 kids! Born and raised on the farm in rural Alberta Canada. The nicest lady asshole you’ll ever meet!!
I have a live in boyfriend, Rhino, a live in step daughter, Randi, and a pitbull, Big B.

I’ve survived more than I thought possible, and now I’m finally thriving.


Molly – I am Molly. I am a 25 year old mother of 1 daughter (SassyG), 2 sons (NakieMase and WildBill) and 2 stepsons (LittleR and LittleJ). I am married to my husband, T-Bear, both born, raised, and currently living in South Dakota.  There is never a dull moment around this family!


Lily – My name is Lily and I’m a Michigan girl born and raised! I have been married to my Husband James less than a year and lived together for Three! I’m a Momma to Two Fur Babies a YorkiPoo and a Boxer/Pit mix. No babies for us yet, we look forward to kids in the future!


****All names are pseudonyms in order to maintain the privacy of minors and family members****


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